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Thanks for considering a donation to our community!

Running a community with multiple servers isn't cheap. Our monthly running cost is around $100. So your kind donations will be going towards the costs of our hardware and will enable us to keep growing our community and invest in future improvements!

When you donate, we will thank you by making you a premium member, which grants you instant access to the following awesome features on our servers!

Premium benefits On Every Server

  • Reserved slot - There's always space for you!
  • Premium chat status - Let everyone know you support our community with full team coloured text when you talk!

Premium benefits On Thicc Gaming's Left 4 Dead 2 Modded Server

  • Moderation powers - Start a vote kick/mute
  • 100 additional points at the beginning of each round - Buy mollys and adrenaline for your friends, too!

Premium benefits On Our Garry's Mod Zombie Survival server

  • +15 worth at the start of each round - Move and Freeze Props
  • Premium Scoreboard status - Protect the Mayor as the Special Weapons And Tactics team
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* By donating to Thicc Gaming, you are not paying for digital goods, we are offering these benefits as a thank you for your kind donation. Donations are non-refundable and do not give you immunity from any server rules.

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