• How do I Become an Admin?

    Simply put: Be active, involved, and friendly. We're always on the lookout for players who spend a fair amount of time on the servers and cares about the experience of others.

    There are a few crucial points we look for:

    • Filing reports to get an admin involved in instances where rules are being broken.
    • Be active on the servers and forums.
    • Be MATURE. Age doesn't matter, maturity does.
    • If you are active on the servers for a long enough time, we will notice.
    We try to make any major changes to the community public and open them up for feedback and suggestions, so if you hang out on the forums you can help influence the direction the servers go.

  • What do I get for donating?

    VIP Perks on each of our servers! Donations are our what keep our servers running. They are used to help with server uptime and future improvements.

    Check here for the entire list of VIP perks.

  • Where can I see a list of the current staff?

    The current staff, including moderators, administrators, and the council can be seen here.

  • What are some cool ways I can brighten up my forum posts?

    Our forum uses DjangoBB. Similar to PHPbb, we use BBcode for parsing. A list of BBcode tags can be found here.

  • Why do You Keep Your Website Open Source?

    I understand that learning programming skills is the hardest part of programming. Without open source code, I wouldn't ever have wanted to recreate any programs to learn how they work. It was the access to open source code as a young programmer that allowed me to learn the basics of Computer Science and pursue a future in the field.

    By providing the source code to this website, I hope that others will be just as turned-on to the idea of pursuing a future path in Computer Science as I was, and hopes that you will understand the importance of having programming knowledge for the future domination of the world by programmers!

  • Can Premium Players kick/ban people?

    No. Premium players do not have any admin powers and are also not exempt from any server rules. They can only initiate a vote kick/ban

  • How do I Give Someone Rep?

    Rep can be given to, or taken from another user on the forum once per post.

  • I Was Banned, What Happens Now?

    When you are banned, you are completely banished from playing on our servers. To view who banned you, the reason for your ban, and the option to appeal the ban you can visit our fully autonomous ban system here or on github at visit our fully autonomous ban system here

  • How do I Submit a Ban Request on a Player?

    Our fully autonomous Ban System allows for the submissions of ban requests, which will be reviewed by our staff members.

  • I have Miscellaneous Question. Who Should I Ask?

    You can contact m1str_hankey or another administrator directly on steam, or email [email protected] for assistance with miscellaneous issues.