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Commands and Mods

  • !buy
    Access the buy menu. Usage: !buy [item] {example: fheal}
  • !teams
    Change your team.
  • !stuck
    Useful for multiple tanks causing spawns in walls. Abusing this command will result in an auto-ban
  • !third
    Enter third person mode.
  • !takeover
    Take over a living bot when you die.
  • Multi-Tank
    Use the buy menu to purchase multiple tanks at a time.
  • Charger Steering
    Faster charging speed, charging for longer distances, and being able to move while charging will make you lethal.
  • Karma Charge
    Charge your victim into water or off of a high cliff to give them sweet karma.
  • Movable smoker
    Smoke and move your target.
  • Jockey Jump
    Jump over ledges while jockeying your target to instantly kill them.
  • Boomer Bitch slap
    Slap targets over ledges for an instant kill
  • Ghost Fly
    Hold R while spawning as an infected to fly around
  • Self explode
    Hold R as a Boomer or Spitter to kill yourself.
  • Melee weapons in the saferoom
    Many melee weapons are spawned in the saferoom at the start of every round.
  • Unlimited Throwables
    You're going to need a lot of molotovs to rush.
  • Throwables while incapacitated
    Last chance at survival while downed. Throwing while down will cause you to lose your grenade.
  • Unlimited Ammo
    Excluding incendiary and explosive ammo, you won't need to reload.
  • Molotov Shove
    Melee infected while holding your molotov to ignite them.


Thicc Gaming Is L4D2's most custom modded rush server. Your goal is to get to the safe house / extraction as fast as you can while keeping as many of your teammates alive as possible. Only a true pro's pro can achieve the latter.

We've provided you with tons of Melee Weapons at your spawn, infinite throwables on pick-up, infinite ammo, quicker revive speed and the ability to buy any item you want using the !buy menu as you receive more points throughout the round. The best way to get points is by helping your teammates when they're down. The faster revive speed comes in handy here!

But the infected have received an upgrade package too . . .

On this server, Smokers can move while choking, Jockeys can jump while riding survivors, and Chargers can change their direction while charging. This combination of mods to both teams makes for arguably the most fun L4D2 server in the game!

We hope you have a great time on our server, and ask that you consider donating to the community so we can keep this server and others like it up and running!