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im pretty new to this style of versus and have really only played on Thicc, but a few players were asking about features that they've seen on other servers. I figured I'd write what I saw down here because I absolutely know i'll forget it later.

1. Autobuy: seems to be a way to set up an item/upgrade to be bought automatically after the first command is run, rather than having to enter the buy menu every time. something like autobuying Fheal whenever you get incapped or buying exammo when you run out of exammo. obviously it would still cost the points usually required to get fheal/exammo and im guessing if you dont have enough points, it doesnt buy it.

2. Goggles: Seems to be a purchasable upgrade that lets you see better when you're vomited on.

3. Buy @all: seems to be a way to purchase any given upgrade for every player, whether that be Fheal or exammo or a gun even. i assume it would cost more than the base cost for buying for yourself. i'd suggest we poll the players to see what kind of costs they'd think is fair.

4. smoker molotov bug report: A player mentioned that theres a bug where a survivor can buy a molotov while they're constricted by a smoker which releases the survivor.
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