After taking a few years to really go all in on, i'm getting more free time available to get back into the gaming community scene, this time with twice the meme potential.

Being able to work with some of my best friends on a project like metoo let me truly realize what I love most in life. Having fun with friends! I began thinking about how I could restructure my life to be the most goal affirmative to doing what I love most.

I decided that the new direction to go was to bring what I enjoy most in life into this community! I knew I had to make everything more fun and more playful. To achieve this goal, I realized the community needed some rebranding in order to fascilitate what I have always invisioned this community being at its core, a place where people can gather together and take everything a little less seriously. In such a welcoming community as FooBar Gaming, I began to toss around the question, "what more universal language is there to communicate fun and play than memes?" FooBar Gaming's brand of being the "open source gaming community" was always positive, but it didnt compliment the feeling that you get while playing video games you enjoy. That feeling is something that memes totally accomplish: the feeling of unbound play that we so often don't allow ourselves to enjoy as adults today! Remember how fun playing with your friends while just goofing around after school in the elementary school era of our life was? Why can't you have those same experiences anymore?

I'm excited to see just how fun we can all make this community for ourselves, and eachother. In hopes of achieving such a goal, the forum is getting a new category... memes! Post all your favorite memes and the best meme each month will get free Premium for the next month!