FooBar Gaming is now Thicc Gaming

  by m1str_hankey

After taking a few years to really go all in on, i'm getting more free time available to get back into the gaming community scene, this time with twice the meme potential.

Being able to work with some of my best friends on a project like metoo let me truly realize what I love most in life. Having fun with friends! I began thinking about how I could restructure my life to be the most goal affirmative to doing what I love most.

I decided that the new direction to go was to bring what I enjoy most in life into this community! I knew I had to make everything more fun and more playful. To achieve ...

Dockerizing and Deploying with Docker Compose

  by m1str_hankey

As I grow more fond to the popular opinion of containerizing applications, I realize just how beneficial the action becomes. Being able to horizontally scale deployments had never been a concept which I was familiar with as a game server developer because game servers must run in a single process.

This is no different today. However, containerizing both this website and the servers of this community will allow the infrastructure backing this community to work just as fluidly as they have before, and allow for much more extensibility for new features and servers which may have caused dependency issues before.

Until now, all of our MySQL database, django web app, Teamspeak server, and dedicated game servers were hosted on a ...

Polls Now Available!

  by m1str_hankey

Our newest update to the website allows forum users the ability to create a poll specific to their forum post.

We hope that this update will be met with the future expansion of use throughout our website and will allow users to pose totally unique question to help the community-wide involvement aspect of FooBar Gaming.

Message System Expanded

  by m1str_hankey

Users sending mail to one another on the website now benefit from much greater usability with our newly designed efficiency implementations. We've integrated notifications on login in addition to emails notifying you of when a user sends you a message to make sure you get the message as soon as possible.

FooBar Bans - our custom Open Source Ban System

  by m1str_hankey

I've always been a fan of Sourcebans and their open source user-contribution base. Their features like an integrated admin control panel and custom permission groups separate them from any other free or paid ban system today.

One of its only downfalls - besides a lack of seemless integration into a website, creating a need for Sourcebans to be a standalone web application - is that Sourcebans still runs entirely from PHP. Instead of created a redirect to a different web application for, I decided to make my own ban system from scratch.

FooBar Bans is a Django application that makes use of Django's integrated admin control panel to control permission groups and take the place of Sourcebans ...